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On the forefront of healthcare technology

Revolutionary non-invasive point of care devices.

Our Basic Process

Quantifiable Results, Unprecedented Speed.

Kaligia Biosciences is tapping into the power of emerging technologies and creative problem solving to innovate a new breed of sensing devices. These devices, which produce quantifiable results with unprecedented speed and accuracy, align with Kaligia Bieosciences’s mission to redefine medical diagnosis and transform healthcare delivery from reactive to proactive.


Sample fluid collected from patient.


High-intensity laser and detector records unique light signatures.

Machine Learning

Proprietary algorithms analyze the light signatures.

Rapid Results

Results delivered almost instantaneously.
Kaligia Biosciences

Our Products

Non-Invasive COVID-19 Tests

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Non-Invasive Glucose Skin Test

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Minimally-Invasive Rapid Blood Test

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Medical Partnerships

Solving Complex Problems Together

Kaligia Bioscience has begun clinical trials in partnership with numerous hospitals in the Tampa Bay area.