Changing the Healthcare Model

Proactive Delivery in a Reactive Environment

Kaligia Biosciences is on the forefront of healthcare technology and is developing revolutionary non-invasive point of care devices for the healthcare industry. Our name stems from the Greek word “Kaligia” meaning “good health,” an appropriate name for a company committed to monitoring health and improving patient outcomes.

Kaligia Biosciences

Our Culture

Finding home in the heart of Tampa Bay, Kaligia Biosciences was started in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs, engineers and visionaries to contribute to the next big evolution in healthcare.

The company is tapping into the power of emerging technologies and creative problem solving to innovate a new breed of biosensors. These devices, which produce quantifiable results with unprecedented speed and accuracy, align with Kaligia’s mission to redefine medical diagnosis and transform healthcare delivery to proactive.


To develop innovative in-vitro diagnostic devices for our platform.


To change health care delivery to Proactive.

Where We’re Making Change

Kaligia Biosciences

Kaligia Biosciences’s point-of-care devices provide a potential new market for rapid testing in Hospitals, Doctors Offices and Nursing Homes.

Testing in R&D

  • Hemoglobin
  • Hematocrit
  • Glucose
  • Creatinine
  • Triglycerides
  • Cholesterol
  • Albumin
  • Total Protein
  • Viruses
  • Methemoglobin

Current Products & Services

  • Products, devices and accessories
  • Monthly monitoring of patients and collecting data

Use Cases

Hospitals, Medical Facilities and Doctors Offices

Provide more services and timely information to patients – simplifying their experience and allowing their trusted medical professional to provide them with lab results directly.

Nursing Homes

Kaligia’s point-of-care devices offer access to expedited preventative care, avoiding more expensive interventions down the road

Workplace and Educational Institutions

Rapid testing allows for frequent monitoring, allowing for quicker containment and reduced exposure in larger groups.

The History of Kaligia Biosciences


Kaligia Biosciences is founded


Developed the initial prototype for the proof of concept which followed the test method validation for our devices.


Implemented machine learning algorithms in collaboration with the University of South Florida for the regression analysis of chemo-metric data that we collect from our systems.

JULY 2017

Achieved the milestone of getting FDA clearance for conducting human clinical trials for the Glucose (KBS-1).


Developed the RBA device for rapid bodily fluid analysis to characterize blood and bodily fluid analytes.


Started initial clinical studies (RBA-1).

MARCH 2018

Filed several technology patents, pending approval.

APRIL 2018

Discussed the protocols and application of the RBA device with the FDA, resulting in clearance for human clinical trials.


Widened data collection to include all 48 analytes in a Comprehensive Blood Panel (CBC)

APRIL 2019

Approved for additional clinical trials.


Started clinical trials at Tampa General Hospital for RBA-1 and KBS-1.

MARCH 2020

COVID-19 halted all clinical trials. Kaligia developed the first prototype of the COVID Rapid Screener.

MAY 2020

Received IRB approval to begin clinical trials.

JULY 2020

Submitted application for FDA approval


Increased speed of results of COVID virus to within 90 seconds.


Focus shift from COVID-19 to whole blood analysis

MARCH 2022

Hemoglobin (Hgb) is found to be remarkably consistent & measurable on our devices. Spectrometers redesigned for operator safety and compliance

JULY 2022

Clinical studies for the RBA Whole Blood Hemoglobin Analyzer begin with our collaborators at AdventHealth and HEP


RBA Whole Blood Hemoglobin Analyzer in submission process with the FDA


FDA 510(k) for the RBA has been submitted