Kaligia Biosciences


Fazal Fazlin


Fazal Fazlin is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kaligia Biosciences. Prior to establishing Kaligia, Mr. Fazlin was the founder and CEO of Advanced Plasma Systems, Inc. (APS) and Practical Software Creations Inc.
Under his leadership, APS became one of the nation’s most profitable designers and manufacturers of Gas Plasma Systems; a product used primarily for surface treatment of materials in the computer and medical industries. Ultimately, Mr. Fazlin successfully sold APS to Nordson Corporation (NDSN on NASDAQ).

Mr. Fazlin holds more than ten design and process patents resulting from his leadership and technological creativity while at APS and Practical Software Creations Inc.

Prior to founding APS, Mr. Fazlin was with Control Data Corporation in Minneapolis, Zenith Corporation in Chicago. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial/Chemical Engineering from NED University, Karachi.

Jugal K. Taneja


Jugal K. Taneja, Kaligia’s Co-Founder and Managing Member, brings expertise from various fields including engineering, banking, the oil and gas industry, and the venture capital world. In addition to his leadership role at Kaligia, he is also a Managing Partner of Belcher Pharmaceuticals, LLC in Florida and American Antibiotics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Maryland. Mr. Taneja holds a B.S. Degree in Mining & Petroleum, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from New York University, and an M.B.A. from Rutgers University.

Mr. Jugal K. Taneja is the Co-Founder and Managing Member of Kaligia Biosciences. Mr. Jugal came to the USA from New Delhi, India in 1972 with B.S. Degree in Mining & Petroleum and finished M.S. Mechanical Engineering from NYU and MBA from Rutgers. In 1983, he was Sr Vice President of Huntington Bank, and left to start an Investment & Merchant Banking Company with the partnership of Retired Chairman and President of Union Commerce Bank. As an Energy Banker in Ohio, he became a lead banker for the Ohio Energy Industry. He later controlled three seats in the New York Stock Exchange, and owned and operated several Community Banks in the midwest and CA. In early 1990, he bought all limited partners and formed BANCEQUITY Petroleum Inc. BANCEQUITY operated 400 Ohio Wells, now operating 235. Presently, he is a Managing Partner of Belcher Pharmaceuticals LLC located in Florida and American Antibiotics Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland.

Research Partnerships

Kaligia Bioscience has begun clinical trials in partnership with numerous hospitals in the Tampa Bay area.