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COVID-19 Rapid Screener

State of Development

The COVID-19 Rapid Screener is currently going through the FDA approval process.

Product Info

Non-Invasive COVID-19 Virus Screener(RBA-2)

Patient’s saliva sample is collected
Disposable kits keep the process sterile
Lasers directed at the saliva test for COVID-19
Machine learning analyzes the saliva fingerprint
Results are returned in under 90 seconds

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the need to offer a high quantity of tests that are quick, mobile and accurate. Not only are the current COVID-19 tests cumbersome and uncomfortable, many are slow and often inaccurate.

Engineered to be non-invasive and accurate, Kaligia Biosciences’s COVID-19 Rapid Screener (RBA-2) is ten times (10x) faster than other tests on the market with results as quick as 90 seconds.

The non-invasive point of care device uses a laser directed at the patient’s small saliva sample to test for the presence of the COVID-19 virus. Based on the successful technology used in Kaligia Biosciences’s non-invasive Glucose monitoring device, the COVID-19 Rapid Screener is able to analyze the saliva spectrum by leveraging machine learning to quickly detect the virus.

Each patient is tested with a disposable test kit, so the process is sterile.

The COVID-19 Rapid Screener offers portable screening technology that can be utilized in numerous settings.


Hospitals, Medical and Doctors Offices

Portable rapid screening can be used anywhere in hospitals, medical and doctors offices.

Educational Institutions

Offering a quick and and simple testing process the COVID-19 Rapid Screener is ideal for multiple screenings with students and faculty.


With the need for continuous monitoring, the COVID-19 Rapid Screener offers a solution to on-going testing in the workplace.

Large Events and Gatherings

The COVID-19 Rapid Screener is effective when a large number of samples need to be processed and results returned quickly.

RBA-2 Video Manual

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