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Minimally-Invasive Rapid Blood Test

State of Development

This Minimally-Invasive Glucose Blood Test is currently approved by the FDA.

Product Info

Rapid Blood Analyzer (RBA)

Patient’s blood sample is collected
Lasers are directed at the blood sample
Machine learning detects the level of hemoglobin, glucose, cholesterol, etc.
Results are returned in less than 3 seconds

Our rapid point of care blood analyzer, the Rapid Blood Analyzer (RBA), uses a single drop of blood to present comprehensive results in less than three seconds. These results can include hemoglobin, glucose, cholesterol, different proteins, and so forth. Kaligia Biosciences’s self-calibrating technique to acquire accurate and repeatable results sets it apart from others who have tried it in the past.

Hospitals and clinics spend heavily on monitoring, recording and managing blood diagnostics. The process is slow, error prone and resource intensive which creates numerous issues for patients and clinicians both.

Our technology expects to effectively increase patient proactiveness and compliance by making a tedious and painful process faster, cheaper and convenient for a range of target healthcare providers.

Portable Rapid Screening can be used anywhere in hospitals.
Provide more services and timely information to patients – simplifying their experience and allowing their trusted medical professional to provide them with lab results directly.
Kalgia’s point of care devices offer painless monitoring that increase compliance and diagnosis leading to earlier treatment and avoid more expensive interventions down the road.
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