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Non-Invasive Glucose Skin Test

State of Development

The Non-Invasive Glucose Skin Test is currently approved by the FDA.

Product Info

Kaligia Bioflector (KBS-1)

Patient’s skin is scanned with a laser
Measurements of analytes within the Interstitial Fluid (ISF) are collected
Machine learning measures the blood glucose level
Results are returned almost instantaneously

The Kaligia BioFlector (KBS-1) works beyond merely considering spectral measurements through the skin; It recognizes the proven correlation of other variates with blood glucose values. This information significantly increases the accuracy of glucose predictions.

Our technology aims to assist patients and caregivers in managing and monitoring their vitals in a more convenient way. The technology will assist medical practitioners and supporting staff in offering superior patient care while saving time and resources by avoiding traditional diagnostics and management.

KBS-1 is designed to assist providers directly, Kaligia is focusing on nursing homes and hospitals as their initial target market.

Portable Rapid Screening can be used anywhere in hospitals.
Provide more services and timely information to patients – simplifying their experience and allowing their trusted medical professional to provide them with lab results directly.
Kalgia’s point of care devices offer painless monitoring that increase compliance and diagnosis leading to earlier treatment and avoid more expensive interventions down the road. 

A growing problem requires constant monitoring and analysis

The American Diabetes Association states 25% of the 65+ population in the United States has diabetes, a shocking statistic. The International Diabetes Federation pegs the number of diabetics worldwide at 386 million.

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